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NW Cold as Hell, Michigan
I am an artist in my early(yikes)40's

My Story

I was born with a very rare heart condition, (my heart has only 3 chambers instead of the required 4), it is genetic and there is no quick 'cure'.  In addition I suffered a stroke leaving me limited use of my Left hand and arm. So, growing up I spent a LOT of time in hospitals and bed-bound at home.

Having said that, my mother who was a very artistic person, would buy me crayons, sketch books and paints to foster my creativity. She created beautiful things, mostly in the fiber arts (knitting, cross-stitch, crochet, silk embroidery... pretty much anything fiber related) However, she also dabbled in jewelry design, painting (both oil and acrylic)however, it was the fiber arts that she cherished.

           In discovering my own interest however, I found that they lay elsewhere; I never had the patience to knit, and cross-stitch, forget it!!! I was always creating; it was part of my home life. As far as inspiration, I guess you could say it was Mom. My passion is fueled, by an inner need to create. I feel sometimes that if I cannot get into my studio I become really cranky.

It wasn't until I was told that I had to stop working(for health reasons) that I decided to learn about ploymer clay I got some clay, an old glass, a knife from the kitchen, and the old un-used pasta machine that had, as far as anyone knew a permanent place in the clutter in our garage. I started experimenting. At the time Carol Duvall had her show on HGTV and I would watch and learn from the guest she had on her show Donna Kato, Lisa Pavelka, among others. I was constantly amazed by the things they were able to do.
My passion comes from ideas I see in books, and the things I see, and learn, on the internet. There is a wealth of information out there and so many talented people that I am learning from, and that I am slowly able to call friends. One of those would be all the wonderful ladies I’ve met in the Polymer Clay Smoochers Guild on Artfire. 

Right now, I am working on building up my studio online as well as entering challenges and participating in discussions. After my Mother passed, I found a love of knitting...it takes patience, but I love it. My focus currently is on knitting and my polymer clay work… I will soon be opening a new shop on Esty featuring my knitting projects.

 My creations are made from various materials.I create jewelry and focal beads with my polymer clay, as well as sculptural items. I love intricate work and pieces that take a lot of time. In turn, I also create knitted items like purses and scarves. Again, I like the complicated pieces. Only not too complicated I’m still learning the basics.