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Thursday, August 20, 2009

Catching Up

The Relay for Life event was the 25th-26th of July. My team the Monday Morning Art Group did a wonderful job of raising money, we raised over, $2000.00!!!!
Thanks to: Carol,Kaye,Elaine,Deb,Diane,Paulette,Dottie,Robin,and Donovan!!!!

Next, I submitted this photograph into
the photo exhibit at the MAI.
This is called Winter Prison,
and was taken inside my house,

looking out my laundry room window.

And while I was at it, a friend asked me to Stage Manage Steel Magnolias at the Historic Ramsdell Theater .

So yeah, I've been a little busy this month, it's all good though.

Monday, July 06, 2009

What a Weekend!!!!

My Goodness!!!
I have had quite a weekend!!!

Well, it started Friday, where I had to be at work at 6:30 a.m.(I don't think God is even up at that hour)
But I digress...So there I was at 6:30AM getting ready to Board Op on a remote for the radio station. They were broadcasting from the House of Flavors, as we do every other week. They are nice there and Chet and I have done this so often now that we are in a kind of groove- so that is good.
After the remote, I ran some errands, and went to an artist reception. That was fun.

I went over to my friend Deb's house that night, where we planned to watch the Fireworks.

We had a great time, we ended up, going across the street to her neighbors house, where we polished off a bottle of wine, and told stories until about midnight.

Then after a quick sleep, it was time to head back to the station and get ready for the Parade.

The Forest Festival, is one of the big events here in town. So once the Parade was done,(I waved my little heart out!!!) I grabbed Deb and we headed for the Art Fair.
I saw lots of great stuff....
And spent a bit of money...Meanwhile, my husband (who was also in the parade) went to the bar to party with some friends. A great time was had by all.

Then Sunday rolls around. D and I got up and went to breakfast, then headed down to Ludington to the Art Fair (about 30 miles from our house).
We walked all over and I found a pair of shoes I loved.

(these are not my shoes, mine have cats on them!!!!)

Then it was back home, and get ready for the MAI Reception at the Ramsdell Theater, where I drank a little too much wine, but had a great time!!!!

What a fantastic weekend! Aside from spending a little too much money, I had a wonderful time! Now I just have to rest up for next year!!!!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Farewell to my friend

Today, I found out that a friend has passed away.

In this day and age, it is not uncommon for someone to live to be over 100 years old. Willard Scott pays tribute to these individuals on the early morning Today Show.

My friend was over 100. She was 102!!!

When I first met her, she wasn't quite there yet.
In fact, I was introduced to her through another friend a septuagenarian. (the youngest spirit I've ever met- she is the one who informed me of the loss)

Bea was a wonderful lady. Quick to laugh, warm of spirit, and smart. Several years ago, the three of us went up north to Mackinaw Island.

We saw these sights and may others. It was a wonderful trip, a happy one.

In her decline, Bea wasn't able to get out as much and I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to play Scrabble with her. She would beat the pants off me every time!!!!
She was a very good player. I won't find another opponent to match her any time soon.

In her youth, Bea helped out in WWII as a translator.She was veteran of foreign wars. I mentioned this to her once "Yes" she said,"I guess I am"

She was a quiet lady, however,if you asked, she always had interesting stories to tell.

I love you Bea,

You will be missed

Bea Anderson

Monday, June 08, 2009

Somethin I've never done before....

One might ask, how I arrived at this advanced age, never having done it?

Well, honestly, I never felt comfortable with the people I was with until last weekend.
Now you are wondering what I did....well suffice to say that I ingested an "herbal cake". This type of desert made this way is usually made with brownies, that should help you.

Anyway, aside from making me laugh like an idiot, and giggle like a fool, it was not an unplesent experience. Would I do it again? Well, yeah sure if the situation was right.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Ok, this kinda pissed me off

A Story....

The other day, I went to breakfast with my husband, we go every weekend, it's just something we started doing. We love the food and the people.So please understand my beef is not with this wonderful place.

Ok, having said that, I was finished with my breakfast and decided to use the restroom. I went in, did what you do in there and came out and washed my hand. I'm trying to remember if I told you anything about myself...

Ok here goes... real quick....
I have a heart condition which I will tell you more about later. Because of this , at the age of four(4) I had a stroke. It affected my left side to the point that I wore braces on my left foot/leg until I was out of school. (I had a very evasive surgery) but now I can walk brace free.
The stroke also affected my left hand and arm. Some people with stroke become paralyzed on that side, I was lucky, I have regular continuous spasms on my left side that keep my hand and arm up a lot of the time(like you raise your hand in school). So that is what I deal with daily.

Having said all that, here is what pissed me off...As stated, I was in the bathroom and came out to wash, my hand/arm was very bad that day(some days are worse that others), and well there was a lady waiting for a stall...And she said to me "can I ask what happened to your arm"...I was in a mood, so that is why this has affected me so. I get this a lot really,but that day for some reason, it really rubbed me raw, I smiled, told her "I had a stroke, but that I was doing great."

Then, I could've kicked myself cuz what I wanted to say was, something smart assed "I'm possessed by the devil!" Something! Anything! A friend suggested "A witch turned me into a newt....I got better....well, ...except for this!!!" I like that one!!!

Ok, I'm ranting, but I kinda thought it was rude...I wouldn't do that...At least not until I got to know the person better. Am I wrong?

It has affected me, I don't know why exactly, she wasn't trying to be rude, she wasn't trying to be anything-she was just curious, and it got the best of her.

Tuesday, May 05, 2009


Never a dull moment for me really

Yes, lately I've been as busy as this little guy.
(yes, it's a beaver)
But I'm not complaining, things are pretty good , my health, aside from some fatigue is pretty good.

Right now, me and women I hold most dear are gearing up to participate in the annual Relay For Life Event.

We, (the Monday Morning Art Group or MMAG) started doing this last year, when one of our own was diagnosed with breast cancer.

Then, right before the Relay I got the news that cancer was to play a very personal role in the life of a family member. ( I will expand more on this closer to Relay)

It's a fabulous event and I encourage everyone I know to participate at whatever level they feel comfortable.



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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Ode to Spring!!!

Spring is here!!!
Yes this is news
When you spend all your winter in the frigid cold, when Spring actually arrives one is joyous...

I live by the lake so Spring and Summer are a w
onderful time around my little town.
We can finally shed our winter skin and bask in the warm weather.
Right now all the trees are budding and trying to grow all their beautiful leaves, the ice cream shops are gearing up for long lines again.
And you can never get enough in the Summertime!!!
I love it,
Hell yes I'm excited!!!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Wow what a weekend!!!

Yes, It's been that kind of weekend!

Ok... Saturday, I went down to Holland MI with the M.H.S. Forensics Team for Regionals

I am so proud of my team!!!

Forensics Regional finalists were:

Christian Parks
Paul Purdy
Jordan O'Hagan*
Cameron DeCillis*

*A note on Mr. Cameron and Mr. Jordan
These two gentlemen were chosen to represent Manistee High School in Forensics at the State level!!!!
Cameron in 4th Place Oratory
Jordan as an alternate in Informative*

I judged 4 (modules)

  • Storytelling

  • Duo open

  • Poetry

  • And Duo 9/10

Let me just say that every student I saw was impressive and ready for competition!!!

It looks like I may be judging Finals in Flint MI @ U of M


Then on Sunday....

I went down to Grand Rapids to Mary Free Bed Rehab Center,

for the 27th Art Show Reception...

Here are my three pieces:

Elements and Seasons

Pen & Ink, marker

Head and hands Polyclay:


Medicine Wheel Polyclay and PMC

I received 'honorable mention' for this piece.

Thank You to the Guild, they put on a beautiful reception.

See you next year....

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Very Excited!!!

Very Busy Weekend this week...

It's the big 26th Annual Mary Free Bed Art Exhibition

I'm very excited this year for some reason, this is my 6th year participating...I love this show, it's one of the only ones I do a year. To be categorized in the company of some of these people is quite frankly, an honor!

I consider myself an artist, however the work some of these people can produce is awe-inspiring!
This year I chose to try and create a full sized infant as my big project, I had a couple setbacks, but I did it (twice).

First try....

Second try to be posted soon....

In addition to the MFB Reception, I'm judging a Regional Forensics Tournament
Think of it as Drama Club to the inth degree. Some of these kids are amazing!!!
Here's a link to the National League to give you an idea.
Or you can look at Forensics pieces by actual contestants online at you tube.

Wish me luck....

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

A New Start

As projects go, this is one that I fully intended to maintain well, we see how that all worked out.

From here on out I'm going to try to maintain this blog... we shall see what happens....

What to tell you ….well, I'm still with my husband. A wonderful man I would marry again tomorrow.

Still in Northern MI. It was another horrible winter, but the sun is starting to shine in a springtime sort of way- No snow on Easter this year!!


Saturday, April 11, 2009

I admit it is criminal that in the last YEAR I have not posted anything.... This is going to change very soon...I promise!!!