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Friday, January 27, 2006

Road Trip!!!

On my way out of town...Going on an all expence, round trip, all inclusive to beautiful (Are you ready???) Ottawa Ill.

Yup that's right, I'm gettin the hell out a Dodge for a few days.

Actually, I'm going with my very best longtime (like 25+ years) fiend to visit for the weekend with her parrents. In addition to that, her sister is visiting from Napa CA. Should be a cool time. Betcha wish you were going huh???

Monday, January 23, 2006

Utterly Creative!!!

So I met up with my art friends again today. Had a great time as per usual. Drank far too much coffee and came home with a yen to do a bunch of craft stuff. So, I sat around with my polymer clay for a couple of hours and then jumpped on the net to check bead prices for another project I'm thinkin about.

Last week when I came home I was compelled to do a project that I had been thinking about forever. I wanted to cover this old white cabinet with a wild design. I took my paints and just started to place little blobs stright from the tubes then I "finger painted" untill I got the look I wanted. I was surprised, it turned out pretty good. A Fun Look.

Last week I got my letter from
MFB about the art show. Should be fun this year. I always feel so creative when I hang out ywith my art friends . I'm really lucky that way !

Diane- great to see you again and get a chance to chat and get to know you a little. Welcome to our crazy little group

FYI- Not that you may care but my female cat who runs our house is napping atop my computer as I sit here.

Saturday, January 21, 2006

It's been a couple days

Suffice to say that I haven't moved my car in a couple days and decided to do so yesterday. After I found my keys and whacked off a patch of snow. I then moved my car to the other side of the street. I have vowed to leave the house today, even though it has snowed even more since last night.
I've been thinking about home ownership lately. Renting just seems to be pouring good money after bad. Maybe then I would have a permant place to park. Perhaps I shall brooch the subject with my guy in the next few days. I'm not picky, just a little something. One story, 2 bedroom with a basement(for storage)
Well a girl can dream!!!!!

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

I need to bitch about The Golden Globes

The other night bored out of my mind and obviously suffering (I now know) from PMS. I found myself watching the Golden Globe Awards. Although I do admit to knitting a hat at the time, I do have several observations:
  1. Charlese Theron was interviewed stating that she "just got back from vacation"and that she "was getting back to reality". Ok Look, she's a frigging actress (Not that she is not a good one- that is not my point.) My point is that as a successful actress getting interviewed on the Red Carpet, while wearing a fabulous designer dress that she didn't have to pay for while all people want to do is be in her frigging presence, is her reality!!!! Give me just a small break!!!
  2. It's Wednesday and they are still running award show commentary on the TV GUIDE station
  3. Why is Isaacs Mizarahi(spelling???) doing interviews on the red carpet??? I thought he was a fashion designer... For Target no less????
  4. Mario Cantone was on the view and he made the best comment I've heard about The Golden Globes "I'm not gay, but if I was, I would be very offended..." This was a comment made several times but particularly in response to Dennis Quaid's introduction to BROKEBACK MOUNTAIN "...rhymes with 'chick flick'..."

Overall, I found this awards show to be exceptionally tedious. As I stated earlier I did knit a hat during the broadcast (a feat for a person who only uses one hand!!!!!)

Monday, January 16, 2006

4 Friends

Today I had coffee with 3 wonderful friends. We started getting together about once a week to do art and bounce ideas off one another. We are all talented, and support each other in every way we can, including, going to exhibits that we're in, and rehashing ideas over how to accomplish a certain design. These ladies are invaluable in my life and I just wanted to let them know!!! I Love you guys!!!! Elaine, Paulette, Robin....You guys are the best!!!!

Thursday, January 12, 2006

My Favorite Whine: I Wanna Go Somewhere Warm

The other day I found out that my beloved boyfriend is going out of town to go to University Training for a week. When I asked where it was, imagine my suprise when I was told Ft. Lauderdale FLA!!! Now I shouldn't be that suprised he did the same thing last year. I guess working for the GOVERNMENT does pose some perks!!!!! I guess I'm just green with envy and jelously!

If that wasn't enough, my friend Carol is going on a cruise to the Caribian. We went to coffee today and she was telling me what she was going to be doing and wouldn't you know it, that green monster showed it's ugly head again!

So That is why, my current favorite whine is "I Wanna Go Someplace Warm!!!!!"

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

A Book Review: A Million Little Pieces

A friend told me about this book. I had seen it in the bookstore and thought oh it's just another GO ASK ALICE but this time by a guy. Then my friend talks about it and I catch the tail end of Oprah and she's talking to the guy that wrote it. Well, (I think to myself) maybe I should check it out, I've had a lot of friends in recovery and maybe this will give me incite into what they have gone through. So I pick it up. First off, let me just say that if I can find miss-spellings and punctuation errors then there is a real problem with the editing. Secondly, this story is told in a very free thinking stream of conscience type of writing that tended to annoy me after a while.

The story is about a guy in a drug treatment facility. This is it, his last chance. "Stop drinking and smoking crack, or you will die" he is told by the doctors at the facility. So it goes, and he describes all the withdrawal symptoms he is going through(lots, and I mean excessive talk about vomiting-just what I want to read about...Not!!!) The interesting thing is that he doesn't buy into the whole 12 steps, AA mindset, and is resistant to it from the beginning. Now this can be looked at two ways.

  1. People will read this book and think that they can do what he did, and just decide to quit without the support system in place (Not something he advocates) He only claims that this was the correct choice for him.
  2. Or people will look at his life and see that it can be done and maybe their life is out of control, and they need some help.

Added 1-18-06 Interesting!!!! The Smoking Gun Article

Either choice would be a crucial one in an addictive situation. Never having to face this particular situation myself, I think to have to make a decision like getting help with an addiction would be one of the hardest things to do.

*****To my friends who have gone through it (and you know who you are,) I have the utmost respect for your courage and your fortitude to deal everyday with your choice to fight your addiction!!!*****

Saturday, January 07, 2006

Something is a-miss

Nothing much to say today except....that there is something wrong when I have to get out of my warm bed at 1am (not that I was asleep or anything) and go move my car to the other side of the street so that I don't get a ticket because it's snowing!!!!!

Thursday, January 05, 2006

My Thoughts on SSI and Marriage

ok something to talk about...
In my situation, I am on SSI/Disability. Why is not important and is something I will get to at a later time suffice to say just for the curious among you, I have a birth defect. But for these intense and purposes that is not my problem. As stated in the intro to my blog, I have a boyfriend. We have decided to spend the rest of our lives together. However, I cannot get married because if I do then I will lose my benefits under SSI/Disability. I do have a couple options..

1) I can wait until my boyfriend can support us both financially...(A prospect that I find unfair in that it is up to both people in a relationship to contribute to the household. I do that now in my own meager way, but that would still leaves me with no money of my own.)
2) We could not get married. Since children are not an option this seems to be the most obvious option.

I am told that there are elderly people that have to do this as well only in their case they are often times looking at losing both incomes.


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Thought you might want to see a pix of what I'm thinking about doing in polymer clay

Also for all my buddahist friends....This is great



Originally uploaded by buddahit.

yup this is me....

Granted it was taken several years ago at an IHOP in Atlanta by my friend Shan trying out her new digital camera....The only real difference is that my hair is now it's original color again(a kinda mousy brown color-Thankfully no greys) But yes in answer to your question *sigh* I'm not a kid I just look young.

Wednesday, January 04, 2006