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Friday, May 26, 2006

Moving-An addendum to May 13th post "Rain"

Wow, canI just tell you about the lack of customer service offered by my rental Co.

It is now 3 weeks into the whole "flooding incident" in our bathroom and our carpet has yet to dry. In point of fact, we had another "flood" the other day, after they had replaced the ceiling and painted. Now they are just going to have to do it again!!!

In the meantime, we have decited to move. The new place is much smaller, so a yard sale in on the agenda for this weekend.

Then next weekend we will be out of here!!!!YAY!!!!
I dunno, you tell me, is 3 weeks an excessive time to have these problems??? Or is it just me???
Would love to hear your opinion.

Thanks for letting me vent....again

Sunday, May 14, 2006

An Artistic Dream

More Magnetic poetry

I like to paint with passion, imagination and color.


I have to make a surreal smear of psychedelic grace through fiery aesthetic and abstract movement

My art will scream of pain no more.

You suffer a stroke and then (try not to) think of my life as a mad miasma!

(For I am a) wild woman and shimmer in (this) world!!!

The bracketed words were not in the 'magnet box'

If you didn't like my stuff check this out-->

Saturday, May 13, 2006


You know the old saying "Rain, Rain go away, come again another day."
Well this whole week I have been plagued by the stuff. It started in my bathroom last Saturday morning, happened again that night, then a final time on Monday night. (After maintance had been here to "fix" the problem). It's now early Sat morning a week later and we still have wet carpeting and gigantic holes in the ceiling. Don't ya just love renting. Come to find out only yesterday, that there was a clog in the upstairs neighbors plumbing!!!! UGH!!! How frustrating!!!!

But it really has been raining here the past few days cold, wet, stuff. However, it does make the flowers grow!!!
Ok I'll stop bitching now ...thanks for letting me vent

Thursday, May 04, 2006

More Magnetic Poetry

Death is bold for recall,
feelings of a bygone yesteryear
cluttered with days written to use.
I was best alive!!!
Thinking love will be fair,
makes me muse on the impeccable mess
I know as you.

I have no idea what this means, it just happened.

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

A Feirdos Thoughts: My cats are my 'children'

A Feirdos Thoughts: My cats are my 'children'


My cats are my 'children'


Of which I have 2 Grover my boy kitty a very large and active black cat.
And Dezzie (short for Desdemona) my girl, who has adopted my boyfriend/fiance’ as her one true love. Forgetting that she spent 6 years with me before he ever arrived on the scene.

They get along pretty good. Several times a day they start out grooming eachother and end up chasing one another from one room to the next


Goodness, it's been a week and I didn't tell you how the Mary Free Bed show went.
It went very well, all the art ladies and Ash and her folks came to support me. I did win a Guild Award (I sold 2 pieces to the hospital.) Then I sold another piece to Ash's Folks!
Not too bad for a days work!!!
Now that it's over I'm a little let down- I worked so hard for the show, that now I need to get it in gear and start producing for the Gallery.
I'm currently working on painting rocks to look like animals