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Thursday, February 04, 2016

The Great thing about the Internet...

I started this blog a long time ago, it was a lark, I never expected it to go anywhere.
But lo and behold, it still hasn't and that is ok. I really haven't had the time, energy, or desire to maintain a 'real' blog . Until now.

 Now, I have new interest, a semi new passion, and a new desire to create and work hard at this blog. 

Let me tell you a little bit about what has been going on with me as of late, in November of last year, I had another surgery.***eye roll*** This time on my left hand.
 I had been having a lot of pain, and was receiving steroid shots 8-12 in my fingers, wrist and shoulder. It was the highlight to my life at the time,every 8-10 weeks.
The a trip down state to meet the new Dr., and a month later, surgery. (just to bring you up to speed, my hand was in constant spasm due to the stroke I had when I was little.For more info on this, click here)

So, I have the surgery and it was right around Christmas, so I had them do this to my cast...
  then this 
I got a lot of comments on it, all positive. Mostly wondering what I did because at the time we had no snow. I was honest, and told them that I was trying to be festive. I am an artist after all!

 Color is everything!!! This is my new friendly splint until April 2016.

Gasp and awe at the mess behind it...

So I'm back to try again, perhaps next time I'll even post some

Wednesday, March 05, 2014

Country Mouse goes to the Big City

Greetings from Atlanta GA
My old hometown.
After living in Michigan for the past 17 years (yes that is 17- and no, I can't believe it either)
I have come to the conclusion, that while my heart is in MI,(along with my life, my husband,etc.)
I can't shake the feeling that Georgia is home.

We, my brother and I, as kids lived in the north. Ill, MI and back again, until 1980ish when my family moved to Georgia. I went to middle school here and all of H.S. Then moved to Chicago in my very early 20's. Back again to go to tech school,get married,divorced, then moved to something completely different from all I had know, a small town in Northern MI. I fell in love immediately, with the town and a few years later with the man I should have married in the first place.
That is my history.
While I have moved around, my brother, has stayed put in Georgia. Head down, he worked for 17 years for a company only to recently move on to greener pastures. he bought a home and seems to live a very comfortable life with his girlfriend (I call her my sister- in-law, cuz she might as well be, they have been together a LONG time. And frankly, it is just easier)

So, why am I babbling on? 
Well first off, I wanted to give a shout out to the very best brother in the world.
Travis Bish
& Katey
For inviting me into their home, making me very comfortable, and allowing me to have a crazy, fun and very relaxing time with family and friends I don't see very often.

Secondly,while Georgia has the green foliage and the warmer weather(most certainly), it also has major traffic, lots of people, and a buzz that I find very appealing at the same time most frustrating.
I spent my young adulthood here evoking friendships and starting to learn what I am really about.

I'm now in my mid 40's(geez-gulp!) and I know kinda, who I am and what I am all about. 
While I have stayed in my little town in Michigan, Georgia has GROWN, and I mean by a lot.
I don't know how to get around anymore. Thank goodness for my waze app(a free app for my cell-very cool), or I would be totally lost!!!

I guess what I am saying, is that while there are fun things to do here, and I have loved hanging out with my family, friends and sharing some very special time, you can't go home again.

Thank you, for everything...
Jennifer Nash
Jared Herbst
Shannon Mac Cowan
Andrea Busse and Family

Sunday, September 29, 2013

It seems that Summer is officially over, Football has started again and I am again a widow on Sunday afternoons/evenings.
The weather is changing again, and while I do enjoy the seasons changing, I kinda wish we could do without winter and heavy snows.

I know I'm not the only one either.Many of my friends and neighbors are not ready for the snow. 

I am Board Oping the local High School Football games (Manistee Catholic Central) on WMLQ 97.7 Synergy Broadcasting Coast FM

Other than that, I am still trying to create. I'm working on some Zentangles, knitting some finger-less gloves (or as my loving husband calls them faux gloves.)

In about a week I'm going to head out to PA and visit with my Pittsburgh Polymer Clay Guild ladies for their annual retreat. I am so excited!!!!
Wish me luck on my creative journey.....
Until next time.....

Friday, July 19, 2013


This is a shout out to the Garden Club of Onekama MI.
  They are Planting it Pink for cancer awareness!!!
Good on ya Ladies!!!!!


In other news ....
Not much has been going on, I just arrived back from my now yearly trip to TX,
Where I attended the Premiere Designs National Rally.
A great time was had by all!
Now it is time to make my Premiere business into a thriving business!
It will take a lot of work, but I have some great people who believe in me!
Thank you always to:
and all my "sisters" and "cousins"
you guys are the best!!!!!


Oh I forgot to mention, 
that Donovan and I got married "Legal like" in April

The story is we went through a commitment ceremony in 2005 
but for tax and insurance purposes we had to make it legal .
I love this Man. 

Thursday, April 04, 2013

No to fear, not to fear, I haven't died or anything. I've just been extremely lax in my blogging.
Last year....Let's see...
Well the first part of the year I concentrated on my business. I did pretty well too.
Then the second part of the year I had to mentally wrap my head around having major heart surgery, have said surgery, then recover.

All of which I have done.
Now onto this year....

The night of New Years Eve, I decided to go out with my husband and celebrate the new year.....I had a lot to celebrate!!!!
My heart was working better, I felt great, LOTS more energy, everything was on track...
I went out onto the dance floor, was talking to my friend who headlined the band, and proceeded to face-plant on the dance floor!
I honestly don't remember anything after that except waking up and wondering why my face hurt.
I looked in the mirror and holy crumb! I looked like I lost a bare knuckle brawl! We went for x-rays and it was determined that I am an idiot, and that I can no linger drink a bottle of wine in one sitting. Nothing was broken.Thankfully!

Then a couple weeks later, my father passed away. 
Vern Bish
My brother came up to MI and we spent the week together.

Since then, nothing much is going on. I don't remember February at all and March is a blur.

Now it is April and I am starting anew....