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Tuesday, July 05, 2011

I'm Baaack

Ok, I'm trying to be back. 

Suffice to say that in the past few months, my life has been a little out of control.

What has been keeping me so busy you may ask? 

Well... the end of February, I took on a new business venture. I'm not at liberty to discuss the details online, suffice to say that I am now in the direct marketing world, hoping to become a home-show queen!!!!(just so you know, it's not vitamins, potions and lotions, candles, make-up, or food items--think bling)
So far I really love it and it keeps me out of trouble(yeah right!!!)

I do miss my clay though, and my plan is to try and eek back into the creating then selling on-line part of my life.
 I really want to get my hands into some clay!!! Darn-it all!!!!
See you soon.

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