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Friday, May 26, 2006

Moving-An addendum to May 13th post "Rain"

Wow, canI just tell you about the lack of customer service offered by my rental Co.

It is now 3 weeks into the whole "flooding incident" in our bathroom and our carpet has yet to dry. In point of fact, we had another "flood" the other day, after they had replaced the ceiling and painted. Now they are just going to have to do it again!!!

In the meantime, we have decited to move. The new place is much smaller, so a yard sale in on the agenda for this weekend.

Then next weekend we will be out of here!!!!YAY!!!!
I dunno, you tell me, is 3 weeks an excessive time to have these problems??? Or is it just me???
Would love to hear your opinion.

Thanks for letting me vent....again

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