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Thursday, October 12, 2006

Hi Folks

I have had quite a busy past few months.
I've ignored my loyal readers, and for that I apologize.
But to tell you what I have been up to ...well, where should I start
Ok I'll start with the most exciting news first
My Guy Donovan and I are now "married"

Please allow me to explain... on October 1st, we stood in a circle of
family and friends and stated vows of love to eachother in a Commitment Ceremoney
It was a beautiful day and I hope everyone had a lovely time!
Following the ceremoney, we traveled to my friends house and had a very nice reception.

It was a beautiful day all around, thank you to everyone who attended and those who could not make it but sent heartfelt wishes.

Prior to the Event, I was planning the thing!!!!!

More later.....Thanks for visiting!!!

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