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Monday, April 09, 2007

I'm Baaaaaccckk!!!

I know, I know, it's been a while but honestly I've got a good excuse....
well maybe not a good excuse, maybe just an excuse....
ok, ok here is my awful reason for not blogging...Hopefully you will forgive me...
My egreeous error my sin was/is are you ready.....???

Ok enough! ok here it is......I got a job! I know it's unforgivable, but bare with me cuz it's really cool!
Here's the Skinny....
Last September, I took a job as an engineer/board op for the local radio station,when we would broadcast for the local sports teams, and their events I would make certain that the ad spots ran correctly. I didn't mention it before because I didn't know how long it would last.
Well about a month ago that part of my job ended. However, shortly after Christmas-time, I started my very own radio show on Sunday Mornings 9-12. OnOLDIES 101.5 WMTE.

In addition I was made Director of Community Relations Marketing which is a very fancy title for the fact that I am now the Telemarketing Department .
So, in short(the only way I can be)

That is why I have not been in touch!!!

Now, having said that, my plan is to blog a couple times a week-or at least once a week.
My goal is to blog on day that I journal. I recently got a new (well new for me) laptop and once I get a wifi card, I'm good to go (I hope)
So until we meet again,
see ya!

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