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Monday, May 14, 2007

Happy Mothers Day

For about the last two years, every Monday morning I get together with some women for "Art Day". I truly love these women. We are a good group, we came about during a time in my life where I was looking for an outlet where I could just hang out with other Artist and maybe some talent would rub off. I had been doing my own art, but I was stalemated where I was at the time. Some of us are schooled in classic art methods. But there are others of us, myself included who have no "formal" training. It is the ones who do that offer critique in loving and supportive ways to those of us that don't have the 'book sense'.

Now I'm going to mention how these wonderful human beings have personally helped me. First off let me mention, that at 37 I am the youngest member of the group....( unless you count Roxy and I don't really only because she is 3 and well, a dog-I'm not being derogatory she really is a pet of one of the members-kind of the group mascot)

but I digress...

Over the past few years these women have supported me in so many ways:
One helped to 'get me in' at the radio station
They all have come to MFB to show their support, some even came twice!!! (or really tried to):)
They threw me a wedding shower---It was beautiful!!!!
They came to my 'Wedding'. One put up the decorations, another went with me to Traverse City (60 miles - one way) twice to plan, then shop for food,then lent me her silver for the Reception. Another lent me her home for the reception, another made sure all the food got put out and then that everything got cleaned up. And still another, offered to buy the cake and in the past has subtly helped me out with my art (A few days after the 'wedding' this person showed up with 2 big packages-stating gifts for the wedding.)

I have no family in town, and these women have supported me time and time again. I am so fortunate to have them in my life. I look up to them, and consider them equals. But have it be known, that every once in a while, they treat me like a daughter(and I love them even more for it)

Happy Mother's Day

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