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Tuesday, April 24, 2007


It's time for this years Mary Free Bed Art Show

I entered, and last Sunday, Donovan and I got in my little car and traveled down to GR(Grand Rapids-approx 2hrs south of us) It was my fifth year participating in the show, and the shows' 25th year- A Silver Anniversary for the MFB Art Guild. They even gave the participating artist a lovely silver frame with the invitation for this years show-art work done by Gerald Pudlick(who I am honored to call a personal friend)***be sure to check out what MFB has to say ***

It was a wonderful event, the ladies of the Guild really go all out and make it a very special day for us(the Artist)

For those of you who are unaware, the Mary Free Bed Hospital is a wonderful facility that works to help people with mental/physical limitations caused by birth or accident/injury. I, myself have never been a patient of MFB however, I did attend The Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago, when I was much younger. I still remember my experiences there.

Now, back to the art show, what makes this show special, is that all the participants have some sort of mental and/or physical disability. There are so many fascinating, creative, and very talented people at this show that I am again, honored to be allowed to call them my contemporaries!!!

I am so fortunate, to have the people in my life that I do, several of my friends came down from north west MI to see my work and support me in this show, while others supported me with wishes of good luck and sending their love. Thanks so Much to: Robin, Chuck, Pat, Elaine, Renee', Deb, Paulette, and as always, to my Donovan- I love you all so much!!!!!

One other person I wanted to acknowledge, my friend Verlie. a woman who in her own right is an extremely gifted and talented artist. Take a look. Verlie also was the person who introduced me to MFB.

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