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Thursday, July 26, 2007

Just returned from Oz!!!

Must tell you about my receint adventure in travel....

As stated in my title, I reciently returned from Oz or Kansas as the case may be.

Let me just tell you that KS this time of year is HOT!!!!!

I honestly thought I would expire several times....

Now you may ask "Why on earth would you go to KS in the Middle of July in the first place?"

And to answer that question, I state here and now that I love my husband!!!! I would not travel to KS to go to a 20th year High School renunion with or for anyone but him!

He had a wonderful time, I on the other hand shook hands with a bunch of people that I will never see again who don't know or give a damn about me.

Anyway, aside from meeting a bunch of phony people (there are a couple exceptions) and smiling untill my face hurt, we did have a pretty good trip. As stated he had a wonderful time, and I did enjoy walking around the zoo in Topeka with him.

I now take a moment to honor the Artic Fox that was overheating on a stump in the Topeka Zoo. You could just hear him thinking..."Kill me now!!!!!"
Most all the rest of the animals were inside avoiding the opressive heat....Unlike us Tweedle Brothers who decited to roam around the Zoo!!!!

click here to read about this picture

Now about those exceptions I was talking about, David and Irma. David went to school with my husband and Irma his girlfriend, made the whole renunion situation bearable for me. I cannot thank you enough for your kindness and friendship!!!!

Ok here is the punchline......we get to do it all again next month!!!!!! Not the renunion thing next month it's a wedding.

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