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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Ok, this kinda pissed me off

A Story....

The other day, I went to breakfast with my husband, we go every weekend, it's just something we started doing. We love the food and the people.So please understand my beef is not with this wonderful place.

Ok, having said that, I was finished with my breakfast and decided to use the restroom. I went in, did what you do in there and came out and washed my hand. I'm trying to remember if I told you anything about myself...

Ok here goes... real quick....
I have a heart condition which I will tell you more about later. Because of this , at the age of four(4) I had a stroke. It affected my left side to the point that I wore braces on my left foot/leg until I was out of school. (I had a very evasive surgery) but now I can walk brace free.
The stroke also affected my left hand and arm. Some people with stroke become paralyzed on that side, I was lucky, I have regular continuous spasms on my left side that keep my hand and arm up a lot of the time(like you raise your hand in school). So that is what I deal with daily.

Having said all that, here is what pissed me off...As stated, I was in the bathroom and came out to wash, my hand/arm was very bad that day(some days are worse that others), and well there was a lady waiting for a stall...And she said to me "can I ask what happened to your arm"...I was in a mood, so that is why this has affected me so. I get this a lot really,but that day for some reason, it really rubbed me raw, I smiled, told her "I had a stroke, but that I was doing great."

Then, I could've kicked myself cuz what I wanted to say was, something smart assed "I'm possessed by the devil!" Something! Anything! A friend suggested "A witch turned me into a newt....I got better....well, ...except for this!!!" I like that one!!!

Ok, I'm ranting, but I kinda thought it was rude...I wouldn't do that...At least not until I got to know the person better. Am I wrong?

It has affected me, I don't know why exactly, she wasn't trying to be rude, she wasn't trying to be anything-she was just curious, and it got the best of her.

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