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Saturday, February 19, 2011

Life...What it means to me.

 I need to pass on a little antidote I read a while back, 
It is by genius author Terry Prachett. ...Death is a character, that he often uses (yes, think of the tall skeletal figure in the black cowl-I forgot the title of the book but you can find him here)

Well, Death shows up where naturally, a lady has died. 
She sees Death and is outraged, "What!!!! I'm Dead!" she screams. "But I thought Life was suppose to  flash before your eyes?!?" 
Death smiles his toothy, macabre grin, nods, and states, "Yes, yes, it does, it's called living."

I love this, it says so much. To me, it says that we need to LIVE every moment of every day. 
'But I do.', you might be saying to yourself. But do you really? How often do we notice things like sunsets, pretty flowers or just take a moment from running from task to task to breathe. It's a struggle for me. 

So, keeping that in mind, here are a few of my friends from the Polymer Clay Smoochers Guild  and a couple of things that I stopped to admire and think about LIFE.....
The first is a beautiful Butterfly (I love butterflies) from Lynn and her Artfire store Desert Rubble.

Second, I tend to eat on the fly often pulling through somewhere and downing a burger just for substance. How much better is food when we really sit down and taste it??? It is part of Living.
Having said that, 

These earrings look good enough to eat. Created by Janet Saw with her Artfire store by the same name.
Actually, I could really go for a slice of Chocolate Pie right now (who am I kidding? I could go for a slice anytime!!!!)

Lastly, Valerie with her Artfire shop Valerie's' Stuff.
I love watching the birds, especially now as they return for the beginning of Spring to start having babies. They always look so beautiful in flight.

So, ultimately, the question is this:
Are you taking the time to enjoy your LIFE???
(I hope you were able to answer "yes!!!")


coltpixy said...

Life is too short not to try to slow down and enjoy it. But you are right it is easy to get lost running from task to task.

Cat said...

Very well put!