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Thursday, April 04, 2013

No to fear, not to fear, I haven't died or anything. I've just been extremely lax in my blogging.
Last year....Let's see...
Well the first part of the year I concentrated on my business. I did pretty well too.
Then the second part of the year I had to mentally wrap my head around having major heart surgery, have said surgery, then recover.

All of which I have done.
Now onto this year....

The night of New Years Eve, I decided to go out with my husband and celebrate the new year.....I had a lot to celebrate!!!!
My heart was working better, I felt great, LOTS more energy, everything was on track...
I went out onto the dance floor, was talking to my friend who headlined the band, and proceeded to face-plant on the dance floor!
I honestly don't remember anything after that except waking up and wondering why my face hurt.
I looked in the mirror and holy crumb! I looked like I lost a bare knuckle brawl! We went for x-rays and it was determined that I am an idiot, and that I can no linger drink a bottle of wine in one sitting. Nothing was broken.Thankfully!

Then a couple weeks later, my father passed away. 
Vern Bish
My brother came up to MI and we spent the week together.

Since then, nothing much is going on. I don't remember February at all and March is a blur.

Now it is April and I am starting anew....

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