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Thursday, January 12, 2006

My Favorite Whine: I Wanna Go Somewhere Warm

The other day I found out that my beloved boyfriend is going out of town to go to University Training for a week. When I asked where it was, imagine my suprise when I was told Ft. Lauderdale FLA!!! Now I shouldn't be that suprised he did the same thing last year. I guess working for the GOVERNMENT does pose some perks!!!!! I guess I'm just green with envy and jelously!

If that wasn't enough, my friend Carol is going on a cruise to the Caribian. We went to coffee today and she was telling me what she was going to be doing and wouldn't you know it, that green monster showed it's ugly head again!

So That is why, my current favorite whine is "I Wanna Go Someplace Warm!!!!!"

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Anonymous said...

Hi. Have you listened to Jimmy Buffet's "boat drinks"? It's you ;-)