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Wednesday, January 18, 2006

I need to bitch about The Golden Globes

The other night bored out of my mind and obviously suffering (I now know) from PMS. I found myself watching the Golden Globe Awards. Although I do admit to knitting a hat at the time, I do have several observations:
  1. Charlese Theron was interviewed stating that she "just got back from vacation"and that she "was getting back to reality". Ok Look, she's a frigging actress (Not that she is not a good one- that is not my point.) My point is that as a successful actress getting interviewed on the Red Carpet, while wearing a fabulous designer dress that she didn't have to pay for while all people want to do is be in her frigging presence, is her reality!!!! Give me just a small break!!!
  2. It's Wednesday and they are still running award show commentary on the TV GUIDE station
  3. Why is Isaacs Mizarahi(spelling???) doing interviews on the red carpet??? I thought he was a fashion designer... For Target no less????
  4. Mario Cantone was on the view and he made the best comment I've heard about The Golden Globes "I'm not gay, but if I was, I would be very offended..." This was a comment made several times but particularly in response to Dennis Quaid's introduction to BROKEBACK MOUNTAIN "...rhymes with 'chick flick'..."

Overall, I found this awards show to be exceptionally tedious. As I stated earlier I did knit a hat during the broadcast (a feat for a person who only uses one hand!!!!!)

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