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Monday, January 23, 2006

Utterly Creative!!!

So I met up with my art friends again today. Had a great time as per usual. Drank far too much coffee and came home with a yen to do a bunch of craft stuff. So, I sat around with my polymer clay for a couple of hours and then jumpped on the net to check bead prices for another project I'm thinkin about.

Last week when I came home I was compelled to do a project that I had been thinking about forever. I wanted to cover this old white cabinet with a wild design. I took my paints and just started to place little blobs stright from the tubes then I "finger painted" untill I got the look I wanted. I was surprised, it turned out pretty good. A Fun Look.

Last week I got my letter from
MFB about the art show. Should be fun this year. I always feel so creative when I hang out ywith my art friends . I'm really lucky that way !

Diane- great to see you again and get a chance to chat and get to know you a little. Welcome to our crazy little group

FYI- Not that you may care but my female cat who runs our house is napping atop my computer as I sit here.

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