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Tuesday, February 07, 2006

A few musings on Snow

It is of course a four letter word! Growing up in Georgia, the state not the county, where there is almost never snow. I am as an adult unprepared for the sh**.

But in all fairness to Mother Nature, it is not just the wet cold stuff that I'm opposed to. It's the dark days. For weeks on end the skies will darken and one will start to grow webs between their toes.

Finally, when you think that you can no longer stand it the sky opens up and it's bright and wonderful. However, it's bitterly cold and you can't go out and enjoy it without looking like a tick about to pop!

After I grew up and moved my life to Michigan, My folks moved to Salt Lake City, Utah. So instead of going to GA for the winters, I went to UT. Then(in summer of course), I fell in love with my handsome partner for life. He has a job here so here is where I now winter.

A difference in snow.
In Michigan, the snow is wet, fluffy, cold, and sticky.
In Utah, the snow is round, hard, pebbly, wet, and cold. ( Good for skiing- not that I ski)
In Georgia, the snow is nonexistent!

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