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Monday, February 20, 2006

It's Time

I have made a decision. I'm going to live my life like I have very little time left.
I'm going to wear the jewelry and clothes I love all the time instead of just special occasions. I'm going to drink out of the glasses I save for "company" (I'm gonna use the towels too!) I'm going to start projects and plan to finish them.

I've wasted a lot of time this winter whining about the fact that it's cold outside!!! I'm going to get off my ass and start doing some stuff. Damn I'm really annoyed with myself!!! I'm going to stop wondering if there is "something interesting on Dr. Phil-he and Oprah have disappointed me as of late. I'm going to turn off the T.V. and I'm going to bundle up, get out of the house!!!

Every year I enter an art exhibit where all the artist who exhibit are handicapped in some way will be my forth year and I have about a month and a half to finish my projects. (it seems to me they moved the deadline up a month but it's my own time management issue so I'll just quit bitchin)

Have you made any decisions?

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