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Thursday, April 20, 2006

E-bay is of the Devil

While I love my computer, I am stunned at the opportunities on eBay these days
While searching for art supplies, I did a search for "doll eyes"
and what was my response???!!!
1319 items found for
doll eyes
OVER 1000 ITEMS?!?!
While it is good to know that I have a choice, 1000 choices are a bit much.
So ok, lets go for something a little off the wall how about a search on "teeth"
3709 items found for
Not at all what I was expecting! Everything from tooth whitening kits to 'vampire pacifier' to ' Antique Jade Lucky Elephant Teeth Pendant Necklace' which looks plastic to me ( people wouldn't lie on eBay now- would they???)
I dunno perhaps I'm just off on a tanget
It just seems to me that maybe eBay while a wonderful resource is also a horrible temptation!!
Good thing I've got someone to watch over me....

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