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Friday, April 14, 2006

What is MFB? & SPRING!!!!!

The above piece is entitled Penguin dreams (and it's in the show)

Hi Again-

Sorry I haven't written lately. I've been finishing my projects for MFB. What is MFB you ask. Well, every year I am involved in an art show at
Mary Free Bed Rehabilitation Center . Well I was first introduced to this place by my friend Verlie 4 years ago. The Art Show is a wonderful event that I am honored to be involved with as well as humbled to be included in.

Now a few words about spring.........................YaY it's here!!!!!!!!
In point of fact, this weekend is Easter. While this is a non-event for this buddist, the mere fact that there are robins about (And not just the one I see every week *wink*) as well as lilies in the grocery store, and stuffed bunnies all about makes me smile very much.
So today, while I was out, I stopped in at my local coffee joint, "Goodies", ordered a marshmellow latte' and it came with a yellow
peep on top. See.........

I just searched on Google
Check this out:
Results 1 - 10 of about 16,100,000 for peeps

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Elaine said...

"Fierdo" won't toot her horn like she should so I just have to say that I have just reyurned from the MFB art exhibit and she got a blue ribbon And sold a total of 4 pieces in the 2 hour opening reception!!!! She amazes me and I am proud to have been invited...I manage an art gallery (of sorts) and the stuff at this show blew away half of what I carry! And Kirstens beautiful, whimsical and just downright HAPPY art was a huge hit! She does with one hand what some artists can't accomplish with two....and I am proud to know her. Elaine