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Sunday, March 19, 2006

A Review of...Failure to Launch

Went to the movies Friday night. Something I haven't done in a while.

Overall this past season hasn't held much interest for me movie wize. With the exception of Brokeback Mt. I really haven't even wanted to go to the movies.

Then along cane this cute lil movie Failure to Launch. A cute lil film that is not overly original but fun none the less.
Staring Matthew McConaughey who lets face it I will spend $7 to do almost anything. (but I digress) Sara Jessica Parker, Terry Bradshaw, and Kathy Bates. With an admirable supporting cast.
McConaughey plays a mooch who at 35 still lives at home with his parents (Bates & Bradshaw). Yes they love him but enough is enough, and now that they are retired they want to "get to know eachother again". Something apparently they cannot do while their son still lives at home.

So they take advice from friends and hire him a girlfriend(Parker). It's her job to make him fall maddly in love and want to move out. Therefore leaving everyone happy-save for Parker who is now guilt riden for tricking this obviously love damaged guy.

All is happy in the end however, just as all romantic comedy should be. There are some very funny parts I especially liked the 'chipmonk scene' slapstick as it was.

A very cute film with a couple touching moments.

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